Special Event Coordinator Resume

When applying for a post as a Special Event Coordinator, it's important that you highlight in your resume the very particular skills, knowledge and experience that will show employers you are the right person for the job.

This isn't a job that anyone can walk into, so you need to be able to recognise what contributes to the particular blend of versatility and adaptability required for this challenging role.

Below we have listed some of the key points that you might want to consider including in your resume, whether you are seeking a new role or looking for a promotion within your existing employer. We have specifically listed what you might include in the profile, achievements and experience section of your resume.

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Profile for a Special Event Coordinator Resume

  • Event organisers' roles may differ slightly, but these key aspects of the work are common to all - planning, organisation and marketing. You need to emphasise your experience in these areas in your profile within your resume.
  • Likewise, your communication and interpersonal skills, plus the ability work independently, need to be highlighted right at the top of your resume.

Achievements for a Special Event Coordinator Resume

  • Top of the list in your achievements section come any major events that you've organised, or played a strong supporting role in organising. You first need to mention events similar to those in the advertised role, but others might include conferences and exhibitions; event or product promotions and launches; and parties. Quantify the number of exhibitors or attendees.
  • Evidence of your marketing abilities must also be included in your resume, so mention a successful project and briefly list the areas of the marketing plan that you fulfilled.
  • If you raised sponsorship or funding for a particular event, include details in your resume and quantify the amounts involved.
  • To evidence your ability to liaise with people at different levels in different organisation, include a point mentioning the range of events you've successfully worked on.

Experience for a Special Event Coordinator Resume

  • When listing your experience in your resume, aim to demonstrate your versatility by mentioning the different sectors and types of organisations you've worked with.
  • Event management skills require a knowledge of planning, including budgeting and cost control; goal setting; and data compilation. Add extra points to cover these areas in your resume.
  • The ability to work under pressure is critical. Your experience needs to show the proven ability to multitask many different projects and prioritise against tight deadlines, without losing attention to detail.
  • The ability to learn quickly is also desirable, so show how quickly you've progressed in terms of broadening responsibilities.
  • Be sure that the experience section in your resume includes evidence of your ability to negotiate with partners, contractors and suppliers, and to delegate tasks where appropriate.
  • Your experience of researching markets, or understanding of the relevant market for the advertised post, should be mentioned, as no event can be run successfully if the market isn't identified first.
  • Logistical abilities are important when it comes to coordinating events, from the major concerns, such as hiring the site, to finer details, such as catering specifics. While these may not be the weightiest aspects of your experience in your resume, it's important to show them.
  • Marketing and promotional skills are extremely useful, both for selling the events within a sector or industry, and for selling tickets to the public. Highlight any publicity campaigns you've worked on and list the key actions you were responsible for fulfilling.
  • It is vital that you can work both independently and in a team environment, so do include responsibilities in your resume that show you have this flexibility.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills are critical, both internally to the organisation you've worked for and externally with client companies, contractors, suppliers, etc.
  • Writing proposals and reports that include budgets and schedules is another important skill to focus on in your resume.
  • If you have selling experience, this can be relevant, as you may be called upon to sell stand or exhibition space to exhibitors, making approaches via direct mail and by phone.

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