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Do you want to learn a new skill to get on at work or help you change your career improve your lifestyle or even just study for fun, you've come to the right place!

These days, there is a wide range of free interactive online courses, some of these courses even lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

As online courses are completed online you can complete them at your own pace. To find out more or to reserve your free place please see our list below.

Free online courses include:

  • Finding your Dream Job: Find out what you're good at, what sort of job you want, plus how to improve your CV, and job search and interview technique. Get the job you want now!
  • Succeeding at Work: Learn how to stand out at work for all the right reasons, Why settle for being an average employee when you could be a real star in the workplace?
  • Advancing your Career with Emotional Intelligence (EI): Did you know that a major factor in your career and life success is your Emotional Intelligence? Studies of star performers show that 85% of what sets them apart from average performers is down to superior EI skills.
  • Call Centre Skills for Career Success: Learn the essential skills you need for a career in a call handling company and gain valuable skills that you can transfer to any job. With great IT, sales and communication skills, you're sure to shine in any organisation!
  • Equality and Diversity: Learn about the meaning and importance of equality and diversity, the impact of prejudice and discrimination and employer and individual rights and responsibilities.
  • First Steps in IT: A straightforward and enjoyable way to learn the basics and build your computer confidence. It's so easy to use you'll soon be wondering what all the fuss was about!
  • Next Steps in IT: This course is for people who want to improve their IT skills, either for work or for fun. Learn about databases, spreadsheets, advanced word processing and even how to how to design your own website.
  • Web Entrepreneur: The world of online business is massive today and everyone wants to make their fortune on the web - but how can it be done? Learn how to create your own website and the entrepreneurial techniques to help you plan and launch your new business.
  • Wizard on the Web: If you've got some great website ideas of your own (for business or for fun) then this course will help you plan, design and develop a website.
  • Entrepreneurship / Start Your Own Business: A course that helps you start your own business, teaching you how to succeed and how to avoid the various pitfalls.
  • Maximise your Money Management: Take control of your finances and learn how to make the right decisions and make your money work for you. Learn how to separate the hard facts from the hard sell to get the best deal from banks, building societies and credit card companies.
  • Healthy Living: I've tried practically every fad diet and exercise craze going. The problem is none of them work! If you want to feel good about yourself and your body, forget the fads and get the facts. Learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and develop a diet and fitness plan that works for you.
  • Essential Sports Coaching Skills: Learn how to train, encourage and inspire an athlete to reach the peak of their mental and physical performance.

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