Aerospace Resume

What should you include in your resume if you are an aerospace worker?

Aerospace engineering workers require a particular blend of vocational knowledge and skills, physical fitness and manual dexterity to meet these challenging roles.

There is such a large degree of variation in their work - research and design, maintenance, servicing, production, etc. - that it's impossible to list everything that should be included in your resume.

Yet if you follow these general guidelines and tailor them to your specific situation, you can be sure of covering all the key points that an employer will want to see.

The information below will help you prepare a professional CV / resume or if you want more help, then resume services / CV companies can strengthen and polish your CV / resume, ensuring that aerospace employers will want to interview you.

Profile for an aerospace resume

  • Your profile must highlight the fact that you possess the blend of experience, skills and knowledge required for an aerospace vacancy.
  • Be sure to mention in your resume your engineering qualification and the area of aeronautical engineering you specialise in - i.e., research and design, maintenance, etc.
  • Briefly state which areas you would like to work in and at what level.
  • Include two or three adjectives that describe your personality. Given the demands of work that requires you to be a physically fit, numerate problem solver who is willing to work long hours, it's important that the employer knows you are conscientious, self-motivated and flexible in your approach to work.

Achievements for an aerospace resume

  • Highlight on your resume any major projects you have worked on, especially those are linked to nationally or internationally known organisations or companies. Mention these by name.
  • If you are involved in aerospace servicing and maintenance, specify the duration of service in any one particular job and mention the successful nature of that activity - i.e., "successfully undertook servicing for ...". The length of time you were in the post will demonstrate your commitment and reliability.
  • If you were involved in different stages of research, design or production for one particular product, include this and break down the areas. This will illustrate your understanding of the product development life cycle.
  • Mention in your resume any problem that you were involved in solving. Give a very brief overview of the troubleshooting process and resolution.

Experience for an aerospace resume

  • If involved with aerospace contract work on projects, describe your role, indicating project goals, time scale, number of people involved, etc.
  • If you were involved in project management, list the engineering team(s) you were responsible for, as well as the project goals, etc.
  • Specify the extent to which you worked in a team or under your own initiative. It is important to show on your resume that while you are a good team member, you are able to maintain concentration when applying yourself to the task at hand. If in a team, mention the number of people involved.
  • If in a salaried post, such as aerospace maintenance or servicing, outline the regular duties you completed on your resume.
  • List the key technical and mechanical skills you used in each aerospace role.
  • Be clear about the environments you were working in, unless this is immediately obvious from the job or project title on your resume.
  • If you were required to work long hours, during evenings or weekends, and you are ready to accept this requirement in your next job, mention it in your resume's Experience Section. Again, it is important that the prospective employer knows that you are ready and willing to work long hours to ensure the task is completed.
  • Include any report writing you completed, even if this was a regular aspect of maintenance work. Communication skills are essential and the ability to log the work that has been completed is critical.
  • Likewise, if you were called upon to report in person to superiors or clients, describe the nature of the communications you undertook on your resume. This will assure the prospective employer that you are confident in presenting yourself and your work, and that you can provide an overview of work completed.
  • Mention the brand name of any software applications, such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) packages that you used, along with the tasks completed.
  • If you were constantly applying certain safety regulations or adhering to safe work practices, state what these were, to underpin your aerospace knowledge.
  • It almost goes without saying, but it can't go without being said: always name the particular craft your aerospace work related to. Also, name individual product parts in your resume, where these are central to the aerospace role you fulfilled.

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