Elementary Teacher Resume Samples

This article provides samples and advice on what to put in an elementary teacher resume.

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There is also a wealth of advice on resumes, plus resume examples and covering letter samples on this website - please see the menu in the left-hand side bar or at the top.

What to include in elementary school teacher resumes

Elementary school teachers assist young children in adapting to the classroom environment. Their role is to introduce the children to reading, writing and arithmetic. The work is not purely academic, as teachers help children to become self aware, socially aware and more confident.

In addition to the points covered in the general teacher resume, elementary school teachers also need to include the following.

Profile for elementary teacher resumes

  • Mention your versatility in teaching different subjects such as arts, science, English and mathematics.
  • Refer to your ability to work flexibly with large groups that include children with differing academic, psychological and social needs.


  • List any successful teaching methods you have devised to develop elementary students through lectures, demonstrations, activities and group visits.
  • Mention any instances where you've successfully resolved children's problems, both academic and behavioural.
  • If you have identified a child with special needs that was subsequently met through an individual learning program, mention that instance here.

Experience for an elementary teacher resume

  • Include the size of the classes you have taught, especially if the numbers are high.
  • Describe your role in establishing goals for all lessons and projects, and in communicating these goals to children.
  • Outline your experience instructing children in groups and individually through different approaches.
  • Highlight your experience meeting with parents, guardians or other school staff to discuss observations on children with particular issues.
  • Include your experience in establishing and administering grade tests, and recording the results.
  • Refer to your role in assigning, correcting and grading homework, and preparing report cards.
  • Highlight your flexible approach in adapting classroom material to suit the needs of individual children.

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