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You can visit the main sections on by clicking on the links below (the underlined blue text). provides free advice on resume / CV writing, interviews and job search, plus a professional CV service and interview coaching. Please bookmark our site, so you can return again in the future.


The Home Page provides a comprehensive index that focuses on our CV writing services and is a springboard to all things job application-related like interview preparation and job search strategy.

You'll find full descriptions and prices for six different types of CVs to suit all career levels, plus matching cover letters and links to a variety of other subjects.

CV Service

Our CV writing services explained in detail! The different types of CV, what's involved and prices plus links to a huge selection of CV related topics.

There are detailed explanations of what you get for each type of CV, including both questionnaire-based CVs and phone consultation-based CVs which are more detailed.

Contact Us

Click on the link above to see all the ways of making contact with us, including phone, email and post.

CV Tips

Free CV tips to help you write your own CV, plus advice on how to write a functional CV, a targeted CV and a student CV. 5 different types of CV examples for free!

An unparalleled resource for all the information you will ever need regarding CVs and cover letters. If you want to attempt your own CV then this could greatly help you.

Resume Tips

Resume is the USA equivalent of the British CV, slightly different tone and paper size. Here you will find 20 valuable resume-related links and plenty of hints, tips and advice.

Resumes tend to be a little more hard-hitting and must sell your relevant skills to the appropriate market in the USA and Canada.

Resume Service

9 valuable resume links and everything you need to know about a resume service. There's full explanations, articles and links to how to write your resume and the services available.

How to Write a Resume

An incredible 26 links that deal with all aspects of resume writing, distribution and sector specific resumes like aerospace and insurance underwriting.

This contains so much information about how to write a resume that you will have no need to look elsewhere!

CV / Resume Examples

For the USA and Canada there are 10 links to different resume types, 10 links for UK resumes or CVs and a remarkable 48 resume links! That's an incredible 68 links to highly-praised information that you will not find collectively elsewhere.

These links will answer all the questions you may have regarding resumes and CVs. Most of the links will take you to pages that have further resources and even more links to worthwhile information.

Psychometric Test

All you need to know about the myths of psychometric tests - 70% of UK employers use them so why not learn how to make the most of these much vaunted tests!

Most people are frightened of this dark art, get prepared, understand the pitfalls and aim to impress on the day by reading this information.

Job Search

Packed full of advice, hints and tips for job seekers of all ages. This really is an invaluable resource for all things job search related.

You probably don't know what you don't know here - read this and it will all seem a lot simpler and clearer. In addition you will learn how to rectify things that you didn't know wanted fixing!

Interview Tips

Generally considered to be most people's Achilles' heel - read this to find out about how to shine at that all-important job interview. The CV is only half the story, to win the job offer you have to excel in the interview

One of the few things that most people fear - even those with supreme confidence, overcome your concerns by reading this section!

Cover Letters

Here you will find links to sample cover letters for advertised vacancies, recruiter and speculative applications. Cover Letters are not the luxury you might think - they are courteous, expected as business protocol and will warm up the reader to your CV. They also show that you can be bothered!

Careers Advice

A massive subject and one that causes a lot of people some consternation. Here you will find a wealth of information including 10 career-related links and 37 distinct career links.

Career advice is a minefield and is critical for those who want to expand their horizons and realise their potential. With 47 resources here all the bases are covered!


All the background information that will help you decide if training is for you! Improve your prospects and invest in some training or maybe your employer will pay.

Training covers a whole host of subjects and can usually be tailored to individual needs, alternatively you might be seeking a specific accreditation. Find out what is available and how it could help your career prospects here.