Professional CV Writers Can Create a Compelling CV for You That Will Impress Employers and Win You More Job Interviews Than an Inferior CV Writer

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Professional CV writers can make a big difference to your career prospects, ensuring you get the job interviews that you deserve.

An experienced CV writer knows exactly what an employer or recruiter will expect to see on your CV and can produce a CV for you that matches their expectations.

Below, we'll tell you how to ensure that you don't pick the wrong CV writer. UK and international jobs need a professional CV, so if you choose an inferior writer they could cost you the job interviews you desire.

You'll also learn about all the advantages of using expert UK CV writers such as Bradley CVs.

If you need to improve your CV, then please take a good look at our own professional CV writing service to discover how your CV can be turned into an attractive interview-winning CV that will impress both employers and recruiters.

But first we look at ...

Should you write your own CV or get a CV writer from the UK to produce it for you?

Just think - your CV may have to beat 100s of rival applications for every job you apply for. It must be nothing short of excellent, with its good looks matched by attention-grabbing content that sells you to an employer.

How well it is researched and written will make the difference between gaining an interview or being rejected at the earliest stage.

1. CV writers know what employers are looking for when short-listing for interview

  • If you're unsure what employers are expecting to see in your CV, then you're likely to miss out vital information, which will mean fewer interviews.
  • A good CV writer will have the knowledge and understanding of precisely what employers require, meaning your CV will impress employers and secure you the interviews you want.

2. A professional CV writer can evaluate your skills, talents, experience and achievements and identify what should be included on your CV

  • Evaluating yourself objectively can be incredibly difficult and it can be much easier for a third party such as a CV writer to carry out the evaluation.
  • Most people really struggle to evaluate themselves, especially when it comes to what their achievements have been - but achievements make your CV stand out and can make a big difference to the number of interviews you get.
  • Professional CV writers will consult with you to determine all the vital information that must be on your CV, asking you the relevant questions that will uncover your own unique talents, skills, experience and achievements.
  • CV writers can therefore have a real impact on how many interviews you will be offered by employers, as they will pick the CVs that sound the best.

3. A CV writer knows what should be left off your CV that may cost you interviews

  • Including the wrong information can make an employer reject your CV almost instantly.
  • An expert CV writer will know what information should be left off your CV, to avoid you missing out on job interviews.

4. Professional CV writers possess excellent copywriting skills, which enables them to write a truly outstanding CV

  • You need great copywriting skills if you are to produce a CV that will sell you and all you have to offer to an employer.
  • The words you use can make an employer want to interview you or equally want to reject your CV.
  • If you don't have good copywriting skills, then you may struggle to get the interviews you need.
  • Professional CV writers have first-class copywriting skills and can therefore produce a highly effective CV that will successfully win you the job interviews that you crave.

Can you do everything listed in 1 to 4 above?

  • If you answered 'no', then you should consider using professional CV writers like Bradley CVs to prepare your CV.
  • If you're unsure about your current CV, then a Free CV Review will help you determine what is wrong with your CV and tell you how it can be considerably improved.
  • An expertly produced CV by a professional CV writer is an investment in your future and can save you a lot of time, effort and disappointment by helping you to get the job you want.
  • With employers keen to recruit you, it will also enable you to raise your next salary by improving your bargaining position - so it can be money well spent.
  • Are the CV writers UK based? This is an important question, as only someone that speaks English as their first language should really be allowed to produce an English CV - you don't want a poorly written CV.

How can our professional CV writers from the UK produce a superior CV for you?

  • Established in 1993, Bradley CVs is a well-known company of professional CV writers based in the UK with an exemplary track record - we are dedicated to helping you get the job you want.
  • Time and time again, we have produced CVs that have secured interviews for clients like you in the UK and worldwide, using a tried and tested formula that yields exceptional results.
  • The professional CV writers we employ are simply the best, because each CV writer possess an elusive but essential combination of advanced CV writing skills and recruitment knowledge.
  • Our CV layouts and copywriting skills are continually updated, through in-depth research and by direct consultation with both employers and recruitment agencies in the UK and internationally.
  • As a leading authority on CV writing, we are frequently contacted by TV, radio and national newspaper journalists, and have been involved with projects for the BBC (TV and radio), The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and the Financial Times.
  • To significantly improve your CV, see our CV Writing Services web page and learn how our CV writers can produce an outstanding CV that will excite employers and lead to job interviews.
  • FREE Report: How to dramatically improve your CV and win more interviews - written by Bradley CVs.

Why must you avoid an inferior professional CV writer?

  • Many CV writers only spend one hour (or less) working on your CV. This is unsatisfactory, because not even the best CV writer can produce a great CV in such a short time. All you will receive is a regurgitated version of your old CV.
  • Some CV writers lack the expertise to identify your skills, experience and achievements, because they don't have sufficient recruitment knowledge (make sure you probe a CV writer carefully).
  • They may also lack the advanced copywriting skills needed to produce an exceptional CV, meaning your CV won't highlight your finest and most relevant strengths as a candidate - make sure you see CV examples before engaging a CV writer.
  • If you choose the wrong professional CV writer, the result may be a weak CV that fails to command the attention and interest of employers. You'll gain fewer interviews and will spend longer finding a job.
  • The job you get may not be the one you could have gained and may pay less than you are worth. Worse still, you may not find a job at all.
  • The majority of inferior CV writers are comparatively cheap, ranging from £30 to £50 per CV. Like any other service, you get what you pay for - by the time overheads are covered, there will not be much left to pay a skilled interviewer / CV writer.
  • You should expect to pay about £50 to £100 an hour and the process should take at least 3 to 5 hours, depending on how much experience you have.

How to identify truly professional CV writers that will get you the interviews you want

When you're appointing a CV writer to produce a professional CV for you, you need to be sure that they can create an interview-winning CV for you that will make both employers and recruiters want to meet you.

It can be difficult to tell how good a CV writer is, are they going to be able to transform your existing CV or will it look little different from your current CV?

The following list of questions should help you find out how good they are.

1. What type of experience and skills do your CV writers have?

  • Traditionally CV writers came from an administrative / word-processing background.
  • But in our view, it's imperative that your CV writer comes from a recruitment background, either from working in HR or from a recruitment agency, so that they really understand the recruitment process and how to evaluate your CV.
  • You also need to ensure that they are a great copywriter and know how to sell you and your key skills, experience and achievements to the employers and recruiters who will be reading your CV.
  • Is the professional CV writer UK based? Increasingly CVs are farmed out abroad. To write good English, your first language needs to be English and you need to be brought up and educated in the UK - anything else will just be second best.

2. How many years' experience does the CV writer have?

  • Ideally, you want a professional CV writer with 10 to 20 years' experience, rather than someone with just a couple of years' experience.
  • As with any other profession, you can't beat experience, the more experienced CV writers will have developed the expertise and knowledge to produce a better CV that will win you more interviews, compared to a CV produced by more inexperienced CV writers.

3. How will a professional CV writer evaluate your skills, experience and achievements?

  • If you can afford it, we'd recommend a telephone consultation, rather than a questionnaire based service.
  • A telephone consultation allows your CV writer to drive the content of your CV, allowing them to ask a series of questions about your experience, skills and achievements, enabling them to uncover information that you won't have thought to include.
  • This means you'll get a better CV, which should have more impact that will make employers and recruiters take real notice of your CV and want to interview you.
  • Make sure that any professional CV writers you engage are experienced interviewers, well-versed in interviewing clients about their CVs' - this is quite different from a job interview.
  • If you're using a questionnaire based service, make sure that they'll ask you a series of follow-up questions to get the most out of them.

4. Could I see some CV examples that your professional CV writers have produced?

  • Before you employ a professional CV writer, you should always ask to see examples of CVs that they've produced.
  • Have they used a simple but effective layout that makes it easy to find the information that an employer will want? Over complex layouts make it harder for an employer to find what they want, so they'll just move on to the next CV.
  • Is there a well-written Profile at the beginning of the CV that entices you to want to read the rest of the CV?
  • Has the CV writer produced an Achievements section underneath the Profile and do the achievements they've listed really sell you on employing this person?
  • When you read through the whole CV does it command your attention and make you want to meet this person?
  • A CV writer who sounds perfect on the phone won't necessarily be able to produce a wonderful CV, so always insist on seeing an example of their work.
  • If they refuse to show you an example CV, then it may be best to go elsewhere, as you'll have no idea whether the quality of their work is good, bad or indifferent.

5. What results have your CV writers had?

  • You want to ensure that you are employing a professional CV writer that will produce a really powerful CV that gets you the job interviews that you need.
  • Anything less and you are just wasting your money, and you could end up with a heap of rejection letters or worse still hear nothing at all.
  • Take a careful look at any testimonials on their website and ensure that they are talking about the number of interviews they've actually achieved, rather than platitudes about how wonderful the CV was and how nice the CV writer was.
  • Be aware that there are plenty of fake CV review websites that are just promoting specific CV writers for which they receive a commission and they therefore don't offer an honest opinion.
  • It's always worth talking to a professional CV writer on the phone to ask them about what results they've actually had for people in your profession.


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