Preschool Teacher Resume / Kindergarten Teacher Resume

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What to include on your kindergarten or pre school teacher resume

A kindergarten teacher plays a key role in the early development of children aged from 4 to 6 years old. The teacher's input can affect the way children shape their view of the world and of themselves.

Because kindergarten children mainly learn through play and interactive activities, the basic job is to use games and other tools, including computers, to introduce them to the school environment. Teachers also instruct in basic skills such as shape, number, colour, and letter recognition. Social skills and personal hygiene are also important.

In addition to points covered in the general teacher resume, kindergarten or preschool teachers also need to include the following.

Profile for a pre school / kindergarten teacher resume

  • As basic literacy and mathematical abilities are important at preschool level, refer to your abilities in English Language and Mathematics.
  • Mention your ability to think creatively when devising approaches to topics that will engage very young minds.

Achievements for a kindergarten / preschool teacher resume

  • List any successful teaching methods you have devised to develop young children through play.
  • Highlight any instances where you have been involved in supervising or developing children for this age group in non-school community settings.
  • If you've experienced success developing a child's abilities through one-to-one instruction, include brief details here.
  • Kindergarten schools make use of information technology and audio visual aids, so list any special projects you've devised that use this kind of equipment.

Experience for a preschool / kindergarten teacher resume

  • Emphasise your experience in using children's play and storytelling to further language and vocabulary development.
  • Describe instances where you have been able to improve the social skills of preschool children through group activities.
  • Outline your work in introducing basic mathematical and scientific concepts through play work.
  • Include details of how you've used your creative abilities to teach preschool children, e.g. art, dance, and music.
  • List any instances where you've used Information Technology in the classroom to engage the children with different subjects.

Ensure that the points you include cover all the following areas: numbers, letter recognition, phonics, numbers, nature, science, and art.

Your ability to reassure young children is vital. Describe your role in greeting and befriending them, and responding to their needs on a very individual basis.

Kindergarten teachers need to work very closely with each child's parents, so highlight your experience in communicating with a wide range of different adults of all ages.

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