Resume for a Teacher's Assistant

A teacher's assistant provides help and support to both pupils and teachers. You need to capture all your experience and achievements in a resume for a teacher's assistant if you want your application to stand out.

Teacher's assistants typically assist children in a variety of different areas within the curriculum; they help with teaching preparations; maintain records; liaise with parents; support children with special educational needs.

Below we have provided some guidance on the typical areas you may need to cover in the resume for a teacher's assistant. This includes the three main areas of a resume: profile, achievements and experience; you should also include details of any qualifications and training that you have undertaken.

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Profile Section for the Resume of a Teacher's Assistant

  • Compose a summary for your resume of your personal characteristics, relevant experience and career ambitions, in two or three carefully worded sentences.
  • Mention your most relevant personal qualities, which might include some of the following: warmth; enthusiasm; strong organisational skills; an empathy with children; good interpersonal skills; the ability to relate to children, parents and teachers alike; or the ability to motivate and inspire children across a wide age spectrum.
  • Indicate in your resume, in summary form, your relevant experience: e.g. three years' teaching assistant experience with five to seven year olds, following earlier childcare work in a nursery environment.
  • Refer to other work / life experience, if you feel it's relevant: e.g. having two school age children, having previous work experience in the childcare sector, or having done voluntary work involving children.
  • You should indicate your career ambitions in your resume: e.g. moving to a larger, more challenging school environment, working with a different age group, or gaining wider teaching assistant experience as a forerunner to undertaking formal teacher training.

Achievements Section for the Resume of a Teacher's Assistant

  • As well as listing, in bullet point form, your key responsibilities in previous jobs, it will impress potential future employers if you include a summary of your key achievements in your resume.
  • Focus on the positive results that your efforts have contributed to (without claiming more "ownership" of these results than is appropriate).
  • Areas to highlight in your resume might include contributing towards raising behavioural standards, helping to create a positive and co-operative classroom environment, building strong relationships with all members of the class, or helping to provide stability within the class during a period of frequent teacher change.
  • Some examples might read: "Helped to create a positive learning environment, where children developed core skills and personal confidence", or "Helped children achieve their full potential across all areas of the curriculum".

Experience Section for the Resume of a Teacher's Assistant

  • Summarise in your resume, in bullet point form, the most important and relevant aspects of your background, providing more detail on your more recent and more senior roles, if you already have a number of years' work experience.
  • Indicate the age range you've worked with, size of class and type of environment (e.g. pupils aged 5 to 11, mainstream or special needs, state or private sector).
  • Give details of your experience in all the key areas of the teaching assistant role, such as helping to organise and prepare the learning environment, helping children complete their work, maintaining pupil records and organising games or creative activities.
  • Be sure to include detail in your resume on some of the wider areas of your remit, such as liaising with parents, assessing pupils and planning learning activities with the teacher, which will indicate an ability to communicate effectively and build positive relationships with adults as well as children.
  • Finally, highlight any experience in your resume that could set you apart from the run-of-the-mill candidate, such as working with special needs pupils, or any particularly active planning role you may have enjoyed with the classroom teacher.

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