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What to Include in Middle or Secondary School Teacher Resumes

Middle school teachers and secondary school teachers specialise in a subject area, which may include English, maths, geography, economics, science, biology, chemistry, physics, music, dance, drama, French, Spanish, art, IT, healthcare, auto repair, business, communications or technology.

In addition to points covered in the general teacher resume, middle and secondary school teachers also need to include the following.

Profile for a Middle or Secondary Teacher Resume

  • Mention your specialist subject area and the level of qualification you have attained in it.
  • Refer to your proven talent in the instruction of students with varied learning styles and levels of subject mastery.

Achievements for a Secondary or Middle School Teacher

  • Briefly mention any projects you have devised that demonstrate the active engagement of students in their learning and critical thinking.
  • If you have been involved in setting up vocational programs with local employers, or internships, include this work here.
  • Mention additional responsibilities you've held, such as job placement or career guidance.
  • Include professional development achievements in your academic discipline.

Experience for Middle or Secondary School Teachers

  • Include the size of the classes you have taught, especially if the numbers are high.
  • Outline your experience instructing students in groups and individually, implementing the curriculum while developing independent thinking skills and creative problem solving.
  • Include any responsibilities that demonstrate your understanding of students' needs, such as student tutoring and counselling.
  • Emphasise your wide-reaching communication and liaison abilities by including duties that involve collaboration with faculty staff, parents and other professionals in addressing issues, sharing ideas and reporting observations on student progress.
  • Highlight your involvement in planning and supervising field trips, class projects and other special events.

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