IT Developer Resume / CV - Examples of What to Include

When looking for a post in the IT sector, it's wise to select a chronological format for your CV / resume. But there's more to writing a successful IT CV / resume than that.

It's very likely that many of your competitors for the Software Developer or Programmer vacancy have similar technical skills to yourself, so you really need to add more to make yourself stand out.

This article should assist you whatever area of IT you are in, whether you are looking for a websphere commerce resume, a j2ee resume, a saleslogix developer resume, a siebel developer resume, a .net software programmer resume, a SAP resume, a J2EE architect resume, a vb .net developer resume, a Java resume, an Oracle 9i developer resume, a resume for a software engineer, or a curriculum vitae for other IT jobs.

In this article we look at the role of an IT Software Developer / Programmer. You might also want to take a look at Consultant Resume / CV or Project Manager Resume CV.

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Profile Section for an IT Developer Resume / CV

  • Clearly, you need to convey your technical expertise and awareness of new IT developments. Don't list everything here (if you know many tools and programs, you can include a Technical Skills section elsewhere), but pick out your major strengths.
  • Mention the personal qualities the employer might wish to see. Most employers wish to see high standards in terms of efficiency, thoroughness, attention to detail, etc. If you have good team or project lead experience, mention this.
  • Draw attention to the kind of organisations or the sectors you've worked in, if these are relevant to the post you're applying for.
  • Do mention the area that you wish to work in, or move into. Be sure that this relates to the advertised vacancy.
  • Importantly, remember to support these statements in other areas of your CV.

Achievements Section for an IT Developer CV / Resume

  • In selecting achievements to include, consider the benefits your work has brought your department or the company in general in terms of greater efficiency or productivity, and increases in revenue or profit.
  • Projects or contracts with specific goals that were successfully met look good in this section, as do successful extensions of, enhancements to, or migrations involving existing systems, whether achieved by you personally or by a team of which you were a member.
  • Bring your personal qualities into this section too. Try to show your ability to communicate with other parts of the company, especially if these are sited remotely.
  • Also bring in your ability to recognise and respond to the objectives of the organisation you were working for. Business and commercial awareness is an asset to future employers.
  • Then there are all the processes involved in technological change within organisations, such as costings, proposal and report writing, meeting deadlines, system testing, training users, etc.
  • You should, of course, also mention the technology that you were involved with, but try to avoid dry lists.

Experience Section for an IT Developer Resume / CV

  • List your current and previous posts in reverse chronological order, starting with your current post first. Provide the name of each of your employers and your job titles. If your employer isn't well known, give a very brief description of what they do.
  • Within your list of duties and responsibilities, state the number of staff you've managed (if relevant).
  • Highlight any planning, analysis, design, implementation and testing responsibilities you've held.
  • Also include details of the specific architecture, systems, etc.
  • If you were a team member, mention the team's achievements as well as your specific contribution.
  • List the major projects that you have worked on and state whether the projects were completed on time and within the budget (and also whether you had budgetary responsibility).
  • Above all, avoid turning this section into just a list of technical areas. While it's important that the employer is aware of your cutting edge knowledge, they also need to be aware of how you can apply that knowledge as a thoughtful and dedicated employee, whatever your role within the department is.

IT Skills on Your CV / Resume:

List your major IT skills in a separate section on your IT resume / CV. Only list skills that are current and relevant to the IT positions that you are applying for. For example you might include:

  • .NET, or .net or Microsoft .net.
  • Access, or Microsoft Access or MS Access.
  • ADO.
  • AIX.
  • Apache.
  • ASP.
  • Business Objects.
  • C or Microsoft C.
  • C# or Microsoft C#.
  • C++ or Microsoft C++.
  • Cisco.
  • Citrix.
  • Cobal.
  • Exchange or Microsoft Exchange or MS Exchange.
  • Firewall.
  • Flash or Macromedia Flash.
  • Focus.
  • GUI.
  • HP-UX.
  • HTML.
  • IIS or Microsoft IIS.
  • J2EE.
  • J2EE weblogic.
  • Java.
  • JDBC.
  • JSP.
  • LAN.
  • Linux.
  • Notes or Lotus Notes.
  • Novell.
  • Object Oriented.
  • Office or Microsoft Office or MS Office.
  • Oracle 8i or Oracle 9i or Oracle 10g.
  • Perl.
  • PHP.
  • RDBMS.
  • Saleslogix.
  • SAP; if you include SAP on your resume, be sure to include which modules you are experienced in, for example AM Asset Management, CA Cross Application, CO Controlling, FI Financial Accounting, HR Human Resources, MM Materials Management, PM Plant Maintenance, PP Production Planning, PS Project Systems, QM Quality Management SD Sales and Distribution. Other terms might include: SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse) and SAP EBP (Enterprise Buyer Professional).
  • Siebel.
  • SMS.
  • Solaris.
  • SQL.
  • SQL Server.
  • Swing.
  • Sybase.
  • TCP/IP.
  • UML.
  • UNIX.
  • VBA.
  • VB, VB .net, Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • WAN.
  • Websphere commerce.
  • Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows 2000 or MS Windows 2000.
  • Windows XP or Microsoft Windows XP or MS Windows XP .
  • Windows NT or Microsoft Windows NT or MS Windows NT.
  • XML.

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