Project Manager Resume / Project Management CV - Examples of What to Include

As a Project Manager, you need a CV / resume that shows your ability to turn a proposal into reality. This means showing that you can manage on several fronts at once.

This article focuses mainly on an IT / technical project manager resume / CV, but the majority of the information listed here will still be relevant, whatever type of project management role you have, whether you need help with a construction project manager resume or architecture project manager resumes.

So this article should be helpful for a resume for a project manager, a software project manager resume, an IT project manager resume, a senior technical project manager resume, a software development project manager resume, an IT project manager CV or any other project management CV / resume. You might also want to take a look at IT Developer Resume / CV or Consultant Resume / CV.

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Profile Section for a Project Manager CV / Resume

  • Your management skills should be uppermost, because without these, the sum of your technical experience amounts to very little. Highlight the areas of your managerial experience: e.g. budgeting, designing and building major applications, etc.
  • Highlight the range of representatives you have collaborated with on projects - e.g., developers, client companies, consultants, etc.
  • Specify how many years' of project management experience you have.
  • Briefly refer to the range of your technical abilities(if relevant to your application) - do not itemise them all here.
  • Use active language to communicate your efficiency and effectiveness - use words such as 'dynamic', 'powerful', 'goal-oriented', etc.

Achievements Section for a Project Management CV / Resume

  • Select a range of contracts or jobs showing your experience in short and long-term roles, in different markets if possible.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the client's market sector and awareness of the changing nature of client project needs.
  • Highlight your knowledge and understanding of information technology systems and software.
  • Provide evidence of your experience in managing cross-functional departments and teams.
  • Draw attention to consistent on-time, on-budget project delivery.

Experience Section For a Project Manager Resume / CV

Your experience section needs to show your ability to establish and maintaining the overall project plans, processes and procedures.

Be sure to illustrate your knowledge of project budget estimating, planning and preparation.

Exemplify your experience of requirements gathering and solicitation techniques, approaches, processes, etc.

  • When describing your roles, show that you can form trusting relationships quickly, establishing rapport and respect with business customers and other staff. Show your ability to manage and work with diverse teams of people, including customers, analysts, developers and engineers.
  • Likewise, refer to your demonstrated ability to work with vendors, suppliers and internal business units across the business, including different geographical locations.
  • Where relevant, mention your knowledge of and adherence to externally set project management principles and standards.
  • Show evidence of having monitored progress and maintained a picture of the status of the initiative, including aspects of risk, quality, and issues.
  • If you've had to react to crises, include details of major events. Identify deviations from the project plan and state how you managed the activities to bring the project back on plan.

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