Consultant Resume / CV - examples of what to include

A consultant needs a broad range of skills that go beyond pure technical abilities. All this needs to be conveyed in your resume / CV, if you're to successfully convince the employers that you're the person they're looking for.

In this article we mainly focus on a technical / IT consultant resume / CV, but the majority of the information listed here will still be relevant, whether you are looking for a SAP HR consultant resume, a business consultant resume, a healthcare consultant CV, a strategy consultant CV or an education consultant resume.

So this article should be helpful for a resume of a computer consultant, a Microsoft CRM consultant resume, a SAP consultant resume, a website consultant resume, an Oracle Consultant CV, a software consultant resume or any other IT consultant resume / CV.

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Profile section for a consultant resume / CV

  • Your profile must communicate the fact that you're an analytical thinker who can understand and respond to customer's needs. By using active language, you can suggest confidence and the ability to use your initiative. Use words such as 'dynamic', 'effective', 'powerful', 'outstanding', 'excellent', 'goal-oriented', etc.
  • Mention the range of industrial sectors you've worked across, or which you specialise in.
  • Also critical is the range of technologies you're highly conversant with and which are relevant to the advertised vacancy. Only refer to those you've a strong track record with.
  • Be sure to refer to your outgoing personality and strong interpersonal skills.


  • Highlight any projects that you've led throughout the entire life cycle, from design through to completion. Attempt to show your experience and understanding of all key stages. Do mention the number of users involved, as this conveys the scale of the work you've successfully overseen.
  • Provide evidence that you have understood, defined and shaped customers' needs through successful delivery.
  • Include achievements that demonstrate your ability to design technical solutions through constantly reviewing industry developments and new products.
  • Be sure to mention the range of departments each project brought you into contact with, as this shows your ability to communicate and collaborate at all levels.
  • Mention the size of the teams you've been involved with and the number of departments and/or organisations you've liaised with on projects.
  • Emphasise that projects have been completed on time and within budget.

Experience for a consultant resume / CV

  • List the major projects that you've worked on, summarising the key objective in one sentence and the key issues to be addressed in another. Use this to demonstrate your awareness of customers' objectives.
  • Provide a one-sentence overview of your technological solution. This can be longer in more complex scenarios - i.e., if the consultation involved a range of technologies across different sites or organisations.
  • Detail the range of management responsibilities you held, the number of reports you managed, and who you reported to. Also outline who you had to consult and collaborate with, both internally and externally.
  • List stages of each project including: building, configuring, auditing, securing, modifying, migrating and supporting systems, networks and software.
  • Describe your customer management responsibilities, such as helping clients with change-management activities.
  • If post-consultation support was provided, mention this along with technologies used.
  • Refer to proposals you've written and presented to customers on specific technical issues or proposed solutions.
  • If you provided documentation or user training, mention this.
  • Include details of the technologies involved in various projects, but only do so in context - don't just write dry lists.

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