Sample Teacher Resumes

This article provides samples and advice on what to put in a teacher resume, whether you are a preschool teacher, kindergarten teacher, elementary school teacher, middle school teacher or secondary school teacher.

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What to Include in your resume if you're a Teacher

Teaching is one field where, providing there is a local population, there will always be employment. Competition is tighter in some areas than others, but the general turnover and constant retirement of existing teachers ensures that job opportunities are always good.

Teachers support the development of children and young children by helping them to achieve their potential through a variety of educational approaches. Teachers opt to teach a particular age group at the start of their careers, and this determines the type of school they work in and the subjects they can teach. Other duties include planning programs and preparing lessons, setting and marking homework and exams, writing reports and organising field studies, outings and events.

Most kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and secondary school teachers work in local government educational services. Others work as preschool teachers, or teach within religious organisations, local government educational services, and private educational services.

Profile for a school teacher resume

  • Start by indicating the type of teaching position you are looking for. Say whether you wish to gain a full or part-time position and be clear about the grade levels and subject areas.
  • In one sentence, outline the areas you have experience in (and which relate to your desired job). Include grades and subject areas, and give a total number of years for that experience.
  • Briefly indicate other areas of relevant skills and or knowledge, such as administrative or organisational abilities, or communication and research skills.
  • Add any outstanding personal qualities that make you great at your job, such as your patience, creativity, ability to lead a team or motivate others, etc.

Achievements for teacher resumes

  • Highlight any practices or processes you successfully introduced to the educational establishment or department. If you had budgetary responsibilities, describe any projects you were responsible for. Highlight any savings or reductions in costs that you achieved for your department.
  • Include any significant professional development activities or specialised training you have completed. Also specify any grants you've received for special projects or study.
  • If you made a significant contribution by sitting on or chairing a committee, include the details here.
  • If you have worked with diverse populations and the job you're applying for involves working with varied ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, describe your experience attaining academic or non-academic goals with these children.
  • If your professional experience is short, outline any time you've spent working at summer camps, volunteering or undertaking student teaching, helping out at Sunday school or bible school, etc. This is useful to include even if you have more professional experience, as it reflect how motivated you are.
  • Extracurricular activities are valuable when you're an entry level applicant. Mention any activities completed with University-related organisations, along with your role and responsibilities. Working as a camp counsellor or sporting coach can also be included here. This is a chance to draw attention to your emerging leadership experience and skills.

Experience you should include in a teacher resume

  • If you are relatively new to teaching, include your pre-graduation experience. Outline any placements and describe what they are about, along with your responsibilities and duties. Add a sentence stating what you gained from the experience, in terms of knowledge and skills.
  • If you have been responsible for managing staff or teaching assistants, always state the number and the scope of their responsibilities.
  • Mention any special responsibilities you were given within the school. These might relate to planning or budgeting in subject areas, or extracurricular activities.
  • Beneath each position, list the age of children you were teaching and also the subject areas.
  • If you developed balanced learning programs, mention these. Briefly describe how they engaged the children's academic, social, practical and creative skills.
  • Briefly describe the teaching and learning methods used in each position. This can cover teaching in the classroom, along with field trips, discussions, after school activities, etc.
  • Highlight any responsibilities you had for developing the curriculum in particular subject areas.
  • List any other areas of your work, such as setting and marking exams and tests, assessing children's work in other ways, dealing with individual issues, supporting children with personal problems, etc.
  • Mention the different people, groups and organisations you were in regular contact with. This demonstrates the breadth of your communication skills.
  • Highlight your experience in using different kinds of resources to support the learning experience, such as audiovisual equipment and Information Technology.

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