Resume for Information Systems Officer

With the growth in organisational dependency on IT, and recognition of the importance of internal communications, many organisations now have Information Systems Officers or Managers. But, what should you include in the resume of an Information Systems Officer.

Roles vary considerably depending on the organisation, but duties are focused on ensuring the unhindered flow of information, in both hard and electronic format, between internal and external clients.

These posts can most usually be found in local authorities, public and funded organisations, as well as in the financial and legal sectors. We have listed a few things below that you may want to include in the resume for an Information Systems Officer.

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Profile Section for Resume for Information Systems Officer

  • Due to the specific information needs of some sectors, highlight the areas on your resume you have previously worked in, especially if these relate to the advertised post.
  • Emphasise your familiarity with different information formats and your ability to assess and plan ahead for forthcoming information needs. Don't go into detail though - a general reference in your resume is enough.
  • Mention your outstanding interpersonal skills. This is important, because an Information Systems Officer must liaise with every other areas of the organisation.

Achievements Section for Resume for Information Systems Officer

  • If you have been responsible for developing any new information systems, mention these in your resume, with a short description of the objectives that were fulfilled.
  • Highlight any service levels you were responsible for improving, describing how the improvement benefited your employer's organisation.
  • Describe how as an Information Systems Officer you introduced new information sources to the organisational network, and which client needs were fulfilled.

Experience Section for Resume for Information Systems Officer

  • As familiarity with emerging technologies is of paramount importance, include details of all technological systems you have used in your resume.
  • This role involves meeting the needs of many users, so make sure that this section in your resume includes all the groups you have worked with, and in what capacity.
  • Mention your involvement in responding to inquiries, stressing how these were dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. State where the inquiries usually originated.
  • Information classification, storage and retrieval is a critical aspect of your work as an Information Systems Officer. Include points in your resume that demonstrate your experience in this area, including application names where appropriate.
  • Outline how you identified forthcoming information needs and the nature of your response.
  • If you have been involved in auditing needs and provision levels, before instigating changes to information provision, draw attention to the process that you have followed in your resume.
  • Mention that you are able to remain aware of technological developments by reading journals and reports. Name the most important of these sources in your resume.
  • Draw special attention to any web-enabled systems you've been involved with, giving the application or system names where appropriate.
  • Information storage is pointless if nobody is accessing it - in your resume, highlight the actions you've taken to market the service, internally and externally. Also include training you've led or organised for service users.

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