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Distributing your CV / resume to recruiters and employers can greatly increase your chances of securing a new job.

CV / resume distribution companies will know which recruiters and employers will be seeking people from your profession and industry sector.

This should speed up your search for a new position and mean that you will get more interviews.

Before you distribute your CV / resume please take a look at our CV Writing Service to learn how we can significantly improve your CV. Professional CV writing can make a real difference to the number of interviews you win and the CV writers at Bradley CVs can create a first-class CV for you that secures you more interviews than other CV services.

The Writing a CV section can teach you how to produce a better CV. You might also want to see our resume tips and resume service.

If your CV / resume isn't up to scratch then you will be wasting your time!

It is usually a good idea to sign up with several CV / resume distribution services, as this will multiply your chances. The more people that your CV / resume is sent to the more chances you will have of securing a new position.

Before sending out your CV / resume you must ensure that it is as good as it possibly can be. If your CV / resume is letting you down then you will be wasting your time sending it out to people through a CV / resume distribution company. You may therefore want to check out our CV writing tips or CV service (for UK / Europe), or resume writing tips or resume service (USA / Canada).

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