Writing an alternative CV

In this article within our CV writing tips section, we look at what alternatives there are to a traditional CV.

An alternative form of CV can only really be used by artistic people and even then it may well fail utterly.

For example, if you were in advertising, an example of this format would be to produce an advertisement with yourself as the product.

What you are trying to do is illustrate your work with a highly individual approach. You would be well advised to prepare a more traditional form of CV as well, in case this method does not work. For example a graphic design could produce a design based around their career within the industry.

As a CV writing company we have also seen people putting their CV on a CD / DVD or USB stick, perhaps as an interactive CV or a as a video. The CD or DVD approach relies on the recipient having to play the CD / DVD, which is less likely these days with everyone being worried about catching a computer virus.

Another approach is an interactive online CV or an online video CV. Whilst these approaches had an initial novelty, they rely on the recipient being interested enough to visit the online content. People aren't that keen to click on a link to some unknown website that they have been sent - even if it purports to be in response to an advertised vacancy. Most people will simply not bother.

As a professional CV service we recommend that you create a more conventional CV, as this is what most employers and recruiters are expecting to receive. Only do something different if you can do it in a professional and artistic manner and you are in a 'creative' profession. If you are a senior figure within the creative sector, then a conventional CV may serve you better.

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