How to Write a Marketing Manager CV That Wins You Lots of Interviews

The so-called six P's are the universally accepted marketing mantra: People, Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Performance.

It therefore follows then that your marketing manager CV should contain performance-related information relevant to these six P's!

You need to make your CV a powerful and compelling document that attracts the reader, telling them how you can add value to a new employer - it should not allow the reader to draw their own conclusions, it should spell it out in bright flashing lights that you're a marketing star!

A Marketing Manager CV needs to be very dynamic, if you can't market yourself in your own CV, then the reader will question how you can possibly market the employer's products or services.

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Creating an Impressive Marketing Manager CV Profile

  • Without wishing to state the obvious, a marketing manager's CV profile must promote your personal abilities and transferable skills, not just the job you are doing.
  • You need an opening statement, demonstrating that you possess the requisite marketing expertise.
  • The Profile Statement is typically between 5 and 7 lines, consisting of a single paragraph written from the perspective of a 3rd party, as though someone else had written it about you.
  • It should be your initial sales pitch to tell the reader of your relevancy and suitability for the role being applied for. You only get one chance to get this right so spend some time on it!
  • When accomplished professional CV writers produce a marketing manager CV, they'll focus on your marketing expertise and experience, the skills and abilities that you have developed and honed.
  • If you're writing your own CV, then you must focus on exactly the same things, so that you construct an effective Profile statement that sells your capacity to add value.

Crafting Achievements That Make Your Marketing Manager CV Stand Out

  • Your Profile should have warmed up the reader and should command their attention. It's important to include something next that will further entice the reader and maintain their interest level - enter the 'Achievements' section!
  • The Achievements section must consolidate the warm feeling that should be emerging after reading the opening Profile and it should stop them rejecting your CV outright and moving onto the next one.
  • An achievement on your Marketing Manager CV must quickly tell the reader that you have the desired expertise and more importantly that you are able to use this at work to deliver added-value results.
  • For example, your achievements could be about making or saving money or about improving the efficiency of a process.
  • Five or six bullet pointed achievements should be sufficient to get the reader's attention and make them see you as someone that gets the desired results.
  • Achievements are tricky to compose, so make sure that you spend enough time on them, as they are very important!
  • If you're struggling, then experienced professional CV writers can swiftly identify your achievements and compose effective bullet points for you.

The Career History on a Marketing Manager CV

  • Begin your Career History with your current or most recent job first, and then work your way backwards.
  • Remember that you should be taking the opportunity to self-promote your skills and demonstrating how you use them to achieve results.
  • Including job description phrases or duties and responsibilities will be stating the obvious and therefore superfluous. Worse still you are not selling you the person, a new employer will not be buying your job description, they will be buying you the person and the value you could add to their business!
  • In executive CVs, you should always try to keep the content relevant, skill-based and achievement-orientated.
  • Bullet points with compelling language and bite-sized chunks of valuable information will raise the reader's interest and make you seem like an ideal candidate.
  • Do not go back 20 years in your work history, as this will not be relevant and is highly unlikely to influence the reader to invite you for an interview.

What Education Should You Include on a Marketing Manager CV?

  • It might be that you either don't have any relevant education or it was 25 years ago! This might require a judgement call as to whether it is relevant.
  • As we've said before "The purpose of your CV is to raise the readers' interest and secure an interview invitation".
  • Will giving the reader extra work by making them read irrelevant and maybe boring information about your educational history from 25 years ago meet these above requirements? Eh, no!
  • So, keep the education section relevant and perhaps short - the results you have delivered as a marketing manager will take a priority over your education.
  • Obviously for a recent graduate educational qualifications are important, but this is far less important for an experienced marketing manager whose marketing experience will be of far more importance and interest.

Additional Information for a Marketing Manager CV

  • You don't need to list 'References available on request' or to include your 'Hobbies and Interests'.
  • Neither of these will win you an interview and both are really not adding any real value.
  • If you are a World Champion in your spare time that could be different, but watching TV and socialising are simply normal human activities shared by the majority of the population - hardly interesting or unique!
  • Mention of references will make your Marketing Manager CV sound like you're a student - not really what you want.
  • Other CV tips include things like driving licence, software competencies and perhaps language skills under an 'Additional Information' heading to finish off the CV.

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