Need a Personal Statement / Supporting Statement That Wins You Interviews?

Typically a personal statement / supporting statement works in tandem with a CV and / or an application form, but they can sometimes be required on their own.

They are supposed to show the reader that you have enthusiasm, boundless commitment and dedication to a job you might be applying for or possibly a course you are trying to enrol on.

This can be completely different to a competency, skill-based answer for a work-related question on an application form. You'll need to figure out just what they are looking for and how to sell yourself.

This requires real commitment on your part to sit down for several hours to produce a persuasive personal statement that'll win over the reader. You also need to be a skilful writer that can produce convincing arguments explaining exactly why you are the ideal candidate.

If you are having trouble writing your own personal statement, then you may want to employ a CV writing service like Bradley CVs. We have 24 years' expertise in selling you to employers and know precisely how to expertly write interview-getting personal statements.

You'll receive a phone-based consultation that will enable us to successfully drive the content by way of the skilled questions we will ask you. If you are purchasing one of our consultation-based professional CVs there could be a cost saving for you, as the initial call could be dual purpose to save time.

Either way the production of an effective Personal Statement will depend on how it is intended to be used. Because of this variance we would need to understand the requirements before quoting a price - it's typically £197, but can be more or less.

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