REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation)

REC is an acronym that stands for the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, which is a professional body that represents recruitment agencies in the UK. It was formed from the merger of the IEC (Institute of Employment Consultants) and FRES (Federation of Recruitment & Employment Services) to form a single unified professional body that represented both recruitment agencies and individual recruitment consultants.

Although Bradley CVs is not a member of the REC (as we are a CV writing service rather than a recruitment agency), our Managing Director (Paul Bradley) is a member of REC's Institute of Recruitment Professionals.

This means that we (Bradley CVs) get the latest recruitment industry news, plus it gives us additional knowledge about the recruitment industry, plus research on the jobs' market. This means that we have developed a good understanding of what recruiters expect from job applicants, which allows us to develop a professional CV for you that matches the needs of recruiters.

The Institute of Recruitment Professionals was founded by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation in 2009, to represent the needs of individual recruitment professionals. Paul Bradley is a Full Member of REC's Institute of Recruitment Professionals and successfully completed REC's Diploma in Recruitment Practice, which included modules on recruitment and selection, interviewing and employment law.

As a member of the IRP, Paul is committed to their Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which means that Bradley CVs itself is also committed to treating our clients in a fair and honest manner.

CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development)

CIPD is an acronym that stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, which is professional body that represents people in Human Resources (HR) / personnel, plus learning and development.

Our Managing Director (Paul Bradley) is a member of the CIPD, which means that we (Bradley CVs) can produce a CV for you that takes account of HR Departments' requirements.

The CIPD itself undertakes detailed research on both recruitment and employment issues and how this affects HR departments. The research and reports written by the CIPD allow us to gain a better understand of how the HR Department handles job vacancies and what they expect to find on your CV - this ensures that our CV writers know exactly how to write a CV for you that meets HR Department's requirements.

How this helps you

As our Managing Director is a member of both REC and the CIPD, we have gained an excellent understanding of how recruitment agencies and HR departments handle job vacancies and what they need from your CV.

This means that we can reflect their needs when we produce your CV, which will increase your chances of both recruitment agencies and HR departments inviting you for those all-important job interviews.

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