Interview Coaching / Mock Interview Training: Perform Better at Interviews, Overcome Your Nerves and Win The Job Offers You Deserve

On this page you'll discover:

The problems and issues that you have to overcome at an interview to get a job offer from an employer.

How Bradley CVs can significantly improve your interview performance and ensure you win the job offers you want.

The 3 services offered by Bradley CVs: Interview Coaching / Mock Interview Training, Interview Techniques Service, Premier Interview Service.

Worried About Your Interview Performance and Your Chances of Winning Job Offers?

  • Will you cope with tough interview questions and can you formulate persuasive answers?
  • Can an interviewer easily uncover your weaknesses and can you counteract and overcome them?
  • Do you get very nervous or lack confidence at a job interview?
  • Are you facing specific problems? (Being under / over qualified, too young / old, a career move down / up / sideways changing career, returning to work after sickness / unemployment / redundancy / pregnancy, etc.)
  • Will you be anxious if you face a competency interview, group interview, panel interview, assessment centre, or in-tray exercises?
  • Could you beat your interview rivals with your current interview performance and land the job offer you desire?

How Mock Interview Training and Interview Coaching With Bradley CVs Can Dramatically Improve Your Interview Performance and Help You Win More Job Offers

  • Bradley CVs offers 3 interview coaching services (see below), which can be individually tailored to your own requirements for any type of job interview, so you'll be thoroughly prepared for all your interviews.
  • You'll be asked some really tough interview questions, which you'll find hard to answer convincingly. Our advice and interview coaching during our mock interview training will prepare you and provide you with the interview answers you need.
  • Interview coaching / mock interview training by Bradley CVs can assess your interview readiness, identifying strengths and weaknesses to ensure that you emphasise your strengths and play down your weaknesses.
  • All our expert interview coaches have a recruitment / HR background, with extensive experience in interviewing someone like yourself and instinctively understand the interview questions that you will be asked.
  • You may be facing a competency job interview, or a panel or group interview, or an assessment centre or in-tray exercises. We can provide you with coaching and advice, so that you understand and can handle any problems / issues you are likely to face.
  • If you have any specific problems, then your interview coach can ensure that you can overcome them. Problems could include: changing career, a career move up / down / sideways, being considered too old / young, over / under qualified, returning to work after pregnancy / sickness / redundancy / unemployment.

Interview Coaching / Mock Interview Training Service
(£97 for 1 hour; £197 for 2 hours)

If you want to thoroughly prepare for job interviews, then you should consider our Interview Coaching / Mock Interview Training Service, which is great for applicants who suffer from interview nerves, lack confidence or need help in preparing persuasive answers to tough interview questions.

Your interview coach can help you with any specific interview questions that you are worried about or put you through a real mock interview, which will include a number of tough interview questions that interviewers typically ask, so that they can identify the best applicants.

This service can be specifically tailored to your own particular needs, assisting you to overcome any interview nerves or lack of confidence, and to develop convincing answers to tough interview questions.

After the mock interview, your interview coach will provide you with feedback on your interview performance and coach you on how you could improve. Your mock interview will be conducted on the phone, so you don't have to travel to meet us.

The 2-hour service allows us more time for interview coaching, enabling your interview coach to go over the interview questions again and test what you've learned. If you chose the 2-hour service (and you request it when you order), your coach can prepare a brief report after the mock interview, identifying potential problem areas, plus extra advice on transforming your interview performance, so you'll win more job offers.

Our interview coaches are very experienced in interview coaching and conducting mock interviews, as they come from a recruitment / HR background. They therefore know and understand the types of interview questions that you'll face from a senior manager, a line manager, the HR Department or a recruitment consultant.

Please note it would help us if you could provide an up-to-date CV to assist your interview coach when they are preparing for your coaching. If there are specific interview questions that you need help with or there are any particular issues / problems that you are worried about, please mention these when you contact us.

Interview Techniques Service (£97 for 1 Hour; £197 for 2 Hours With an Interview Coach)

The Interview Techniques Service can be ordered instead of or in addition to our Mock Interview Training / Interview Coaching Service (see above).

You can use this service if you have specific questions you want to ask our interview coaches about interviews, any interview problems / issues you need to overcome, or any particularly difficult interview questions that you are struggling with.

If you order the 2-hour service, you could combine this with a mock interview if you want to. It's very much up to you how you spend the 2 hours - our service is 100% tailored to your needs - just let us know when you order.

Your interview coach will teach you how to improve your interview performance, ensuring that you maximise your strengths, minimise your weaknesses and devise an interview strategy that will allow you to secure more job offers and win the job you want.

If there are some tough interview questions that you are worried about, then your interview coach can assist you develop the 'perfect' answer. The service is conducted on the phone, so you won't need to travel to meet us.

All our interview coaches are very experienced in every aspect of interview coaching and interview training, as they previously worked in a recruitment / HR background.

You may face particular interview problems, which we can help you with, for example: feeling you may be considered too young / old, under or over qualified, a career move upwards / sideways / downwards, changing your career, returning to work after redundancy / unemployment / pregnancy / sickness, etc.

Whatever specific problems you have that you worry about, your interview coach can help you prepare for any interview questions that specifically relate to your problems.

You may need help with salary negotiations, which can often prove difficult and your coach can teach you how you should handle negotiations successfully, which will mean that you get the pay rise you want. Additionally, we can also coach you on competency interviews, group interviews, assessment centres, panel interviews and in-tray exercises.

Premier Interview Service £397 for 5 Hours of Interview Coaching

This premier service includes the Mock Interview Training / Interview Coaching and the Interview Techniques Service and is normally split into three to four separate sessions and is conducted on the phone.

You'll receive intensive coaching and advice on all aspects of the interview process, based on your individual needs to ensure that you can deliver a convincing interview performance that will persuade an employer that you are the best applicant and that they should offer you the job.

Example Premier Interview Service (can be tailored to your own specific needs):

  • Session 1: Mock Interview Training / Interview Coaching (see above for full details), which includes a full mock interview, followed by advice and feedback on your interview performance from your interview coach.
  • Session 2: Interview Techniques Service (see above for full details) in which your interview coach will assist you to devise and develop convincing answers to the interview questions you found hard, plus provide advice on any specific issues / problems.
  • Session 3: Another mock interview and additional interview coaching to test what you learned in session 1 and 2. Your interview coach will give you further advice and feedback to enable you to perfect your overall interview performance to ensure you impress an employer and make them want to offer you the job.

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