Jobs for 17 year olds

In this informative article on jobs for 17 year olds, you'll find out about summer, full time and part time jobs, plus Saturday and jobs abroad for 17 year olds.

You'll discover how to find and apply for 17 year old jobs whether you are still at school, college or have already left and whether you have any experience and or none at all - there will always be a job that you can do, as a lot don't require any previous experience.

This useful guide details jobs for 17 year olds, bookmark it today, so you can come back another day for further inspiration. If you know young people from other age groups, please let them know about our other guides:

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Part time jobs for 17 year olds

Working in the retail and hospitality sectors are the most popular part time jobs for 17 year olds, as they can easily be fitted around your education / studies, usually at weekends.

17 year old jobs within the retail sector typically include working on the till, stacking shelves, cleaning and tidying displays and the shop, plus assisting customers make their purchases. This is an easy job to fit around your studies as employers in the retail sector typically need more staff at the weekend when you're not at school or college.

You don't normally need any experience to get a junior role, as most employers (especially the bigger employers) will be happy to train you. It's possible to earn promotion and you can end up in a more customer facing role, or a supervisory role or involved in staff training once you have gained experience within retail.

Hotels have part time job vacancies for 17 year olds at weekends and in the main summer holiday season if they are based in a popular holiday destination. There are all sort of jobs for 17 year olds, including receptionist, hotel doorman / porter, cleaner, waitress / waiter and kitchen assistant.

Hair salons may offer part time jobs for a 17 year old, such as sweeping up, making tea or coffee for clients, taking client calls on the phone and washing hair. If you're interested in becoming a hairdresser yourself, then make sure you pick a salon that's prepared to offer you training in cutting and styling. You'll probably need to go on a college hairdressing course before you're allowed to cut and style clients' hair.

You can also find part time jobs for 17 year olds at a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop. You could either be front of house which could include taking orders, serving customers, working on the till or you could be behind the scenes working in the kitchen or clearing and cleaning tables, etc.

If you want to find one of these part time 17 year old jobs, then all you need to do is either visit their premises (when they're open) or if they're a larger company they may have jobs listed on their website. Some companies even have a vacancies board up at their premises, especially when they need to recruit more staff, such as at Christmas time for the major retailers.

When you're applying for job vacancies for 17 year olds, you may need to fill in a job application form. You're unlikely to need a CV, but if you do need to produce one then please see our how to write a CV section or you can get a first-class CV from our professional CV writing service.

Make sure any part time job for 17 year olds doesn't impact on you studying and take a break from it before any mocks or final examinations - you don't want your part time job to affect what grades you end up with, as this can affect the rest of your life.

It should be fairly easy to find part time jobs for 17 year olds and it's a great way to earn some money whilst your studying and it can also give you valuable work experience and teach you useful new skills that you just wouldn't get at school or college.

Summer jobs for 17 year olds

Again it's the hospitality and retails sectors that are popular summer jobs for 17 year olds.

So all the jobs we've listed above under part time jobs could also be summer jobs, so you could work in a shop, restaurant, cafe, hotel, coffee shop or hairdressers - see above.

Another popular choice for 17 year old jobs is working in an office environment. This could be on a work experience scheme or paid work, depending on what is available in your area.

Your school or college may have connections with local employers and may be able to assist you with finding either work experience or paid employment. If there is a particular career that you are considering for your future, then now would be a good time to try it out, even if it's only in a very junior position.

Summer camp jobs for 17 year olds are a good choice if you like children. You would help assist and organise games and activities for children at either a school or a youth centre. To find these jobs, you just need to look out who is advertising in your local area and approach them to see if they need any help.

There are also summer jobs abroad for 17 year olds, such as working as a package holiday tour rep, or you could also try combining travelling and working abroad. Tour rep jobs may be advertised on job sites or you can go direct to their websites to apply for jobs.

You may have to fill in an application form, just like you needed to for part time jobs for 17 year olds. You probably won't need a CV if the job you are applying for is just aimed at 17 year olds. But if the job may be filled by someone of any age, then a CV may be required - for help with a CV please see our CV writing company.

Full time jobs for 17 year olds

If you're now seeking full time jobs for 17 year olds, then you have plenty of options open to you. As well as considering full-time jobs, you should also think about jobs that allow you time off for studying or an apprenticeship scheme, as these will give you better opportunities for the future.

There are any number of full time jobs for 17 year olds, so we have only presented here some of the most common. Your school or college where you are currently studying (or where you studied if you have already completed your studies) should be able to help you to identify all your full time job or apprenticeship options.

The retail sector is always happy to take you on, as we saw with part-time and summer jobs for 17 year olds above. You can also earn promotion from very junior positions to supervisory and then management positions if you choose a larger employer that offers a good career path.

The hotel and catering sectors also offer a wide variety of 17 year old jobs, typically in conjunction with a college qualification. You could start as a receptionist at a hotel and rise to management level or train as a chef and end up working in a top hotel or restaurant.

Offices also offer full time jobs to 17 year olds, including all sort of office administration roles. Other jobs are also possible, but will almost certainly require further study and qualifications, which can either be taken on a day release basis or through evening studies depending on the type of work and employer.

Manufacturing / production sites can also have full time jobs for 17 year olds, working on the actual production line itself or in the purchasing department or the office or in quality control / assurance, etc. All these positions can lead to supervisory or management jobs in the future.

The building sector always needs new recruits every year, including general labourers, as well as more specialist trades such as architects, surveyors, engineers, bricklayers, plasterers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.

The above, is just a very brief selection of full time jobs for 17 year olds - there are many more jobs you can do. To find out more in the UK contact the National Careers Service at or check out your apprenticeship options at

There are far more full time options than there were for part time jobs for 17 year olds It should therefore be relative easy to locate full-time jobs for 17 year olds, which will give you new skills and experience, and with the right training can lead you on to better jobs in the future, even if you start at a very junior level.

Saturday jobs for 17 year olds

There all sort of Saturday jobs for 17 year olds, most of which have already been listed under the part time jobs above.

For instance, you can work in retail shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, coffee shops, hairdressers and any other business that's open on a Saturday - so think about other opportunities too in your local area. As we mentioned above, these Saturday jobs are pretty easy to find (just pop in or look on their websites).

There are also jobs such as babysitting, gardening and washing cars, which you can do on a Saturday or Sunday. Part time jobs for 17 year olds during the school week probably aren't a good idea, as they make detract from your studies. A Saturday or Sunday job therefore makes much more sense.

Jobs abroad for 17 year olds

Are you looking for jobs abroad for 17 year olds? Then there are a number of options and opportunities that can give you a taste of a different culture, whilst you are also earning money and gaining new experience and skills.

A great way of working abroad and seeing something of the country you are working in, is to work as a tour operator's resort representative. In this role, you'll normally be based in a specific resort for a season, looking after the tour company's customers.

You'll be responsible for ensuring that holiday makers are safely transported from the airport to their resort, organise welcome meetings and trips, resolve any problems or complaints, etc. You'll probably only get one day off a week during the season, although your workload will vary from week to week depending on the number of holiday makers your tour company has in the resort that week.

The simplest way to find 17 year old jobs abroad with one of the big tour operators is just to visit their websites and apply directly. You may also find vacancies advertised on job sites on the Internet.

Cruise ships employ a lot of staff, so if you're a 17 year old seeking a job abroad there may be some opportunities for you. It's hard work and you won't get many days off during a voyage, but a day off in an interesting location abroad may make up for this.

There are a wide range of different jobs on a cruise ship, so take a look at the companies own websites - they should be the first place you look. Jobs may also be listed on job sites on the Internet too.

Another option if you want to find jobs abroad for 17 year olds, is to find an employer in your country with offices in the country (or countries) that you'd like to live, then either get a job in your own country and try to arrange a transfer abroad or just apply directly to the company offices abroad.

You could also try travelling and finding work in the countries that you are travelling through, although this isn't always as easy as it sounds and it would be a good idea to have an initial job to go to before you set off.

You may be able to find either full time or part time jobs for 17 year olds abroad, depending on the type of job you apply for.

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