Jobs for 15 year olds

There are all sorts of jobs for 15 year olds listed below, such as Saturday jobs; part time, weekend and summer jobs; a wide variety of online jobs; babysitting; paper rounds; modelling; waitress; plus other paying jobs too.

It's easy to locate most of these jobs and we tell you exactly how you can find 15 year old jobs in your local area. You'll also learn about what each of the jobs entails, plus what skills and experience (if any) you would require.

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What jobs can you get at 15?

There are slightly less restrictions on what jobs you can get at 15, compared to 14 and under.

In the UK, you are allowed to work for 2 hours on school days (before 7pm), 8 hours on a Saturday and 2 hours on Sundays. You can work for 35 hours a week in school holidays with a maximum of 8 hours during the week and on Saturdays, but still only 2 hours on a Sunday.

This all means that its easier to employ you rather than a 14 year old, as you can work far more hours.

Saturday jobs for 15 year olds

It should be easy to find Saturday jobs for 15 year olds. There are jobs in the hospitality and retail sectors, plus you could do jobs closer to home such as jobs for your parents, gardening and washing cars.

If you like gardening, then you could do this as a regular Saturday job. You could help your parents for a bit of pocket money, but also other relations, neighbours and family friends may need you help in their gardens.

Washing cars is an easy Saturday job for 14 year olds. You can get pocket money for doing your parents' cars or there are also neighbours, relations and family friends too.

Both gardening and car washing are jobs that people need doing frequently, so they could be a regularly source of income. Once you've been working for someone for a while, you can ask them who else could use your services.

Your parents are always a good source of jobs, as well as gardening and car washing, they may have jobs around the house that need doing. If your parents have their own business or are self-employed, they may need some help.

There are other Saturday jobs for 15 year old that you can find further down this page.

Part time jobs for 15 year olds

You should be able to find part time jobs for 15 year olds, such as those listed under Saturday jobs above. You could also work within the hospitality or retail sectors, although you are restricted by the hours you can work.

Other part time jobs could include babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking, cleaning, paper rounds, hairdressing, modelling and acting.

You shouldn't need to know how to write a CV, as you'll probably only need to fill in an application form for hospitality and retail jobs, so you won't need to know about professional CV writing or get a CV writing service to produce a CV for you.

Online jobs for 15 year olds

If you're tech savvy then consider the following online jobs for 15 year olds, which range from social media maverick to producing your own world-beating moneymaking app.

If you love social media and seem to be living your whole life on Facebook or Twitter, then what could be better than doing this and getting paid at the same time. If you're good at this, then why not approach companies who could use your expertise.

Small companies often struggle with social media, so look at those that are doing something that you are interested in, you may already be following them on Twitter or have liked them on Facebook. Just get in contact with them through social media and see if there is anything that you could do for them.

If you're interested in buying and selling, you could start by selling other businesses products / services using their affiliate programme, or you could sell something that you've made yourself (such as jewellery).

Can you design things using a graphics program such as PhotoShop? Then if you're really good you could produce designs such as adverts, flyers or logos. Jobs are listed at freelancer websites or you may be able to find small local companies who could use your help.

Do you have good writing skills, then perhaps you could become an online blogger and create your own blog around a subject that interests you. To make money from your blog you have to pick a subject that gets a lot of interest and then add adverts or somebody else's affiliate scheme.

Online surveys are always touted as a way of making money online, but be careful, you should never part with any money yourself. Legitimate online surveys will pay you for your time - typically it'll take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete a survey, depending on what the client company wants to know.

Can you create fun, interesting or crazy online videos that your friends love? You could get paid for these online videos if you upload them to YouTube, as you could make money from their revenue sharing programme - you get paid when someone watches the advert that is shown before YouTube plays your online video.

You hear so much about apps and how people are making money from them. If you're inventive, creative and can program, then you could develop your own app. You can design free apps that have advertising or in-app purchases to upgrade or there are apps that you pay for with an upfront fee.

Online jobs for 15 year olds can be a great way to make a bit (or a lot) of cash, but you need to be careful, so ensure your parents know what you are doing. Don't do anything unlawful and if you make money from your online venture it will be subject to taxes.

Weekend jobs for 15 year olds

If you are seeking weekend jobs for 15 year olds, then you could try gardening, washing cars or jobs for your parents - see Saturday jobs above for more info about these.

You could also try online jobs (also listed above) or dog walking and pet sitting, retail and hospitality jobs, babysitting and hairdressing.

Babysitting jobs for 15 year olds

Do you like younger children? Then babysitting jobs for 15 year olds could be just what you want.

Parents may want a slightly older and more responsible person to look after their children. So, you may need to start with babysitting for your relatives, neighbours or friends of your parents.

The Red Cross provides babysitter courses for teachers and youth centres, so check with your school and any local youth centres. You'll receive training in all aspects of babysitting and the certificate at the end will impress parents and show them that you have the necessary qualification to look after their children.

Babysitting jobs for 15 years olds can be very rewarding, teaching you about responsibility and can help you decide if you want to work with children or not, plus you get a bit of cash in your pocket too.

Always tell your own parents about each babysitting job, so they know where you are and take a cell / mobile phone in case of any emergencies - make sure you have the cell / mobile number for the parents of the children you are babysitting for.

Paper round jobs for 15 year olds

There are plenty of paper round jobs for 15 year olds, so if you want one you should easily find it.

Most paper round jobs are in the morning, but there are also paper rounds in the afternoon to deliver evening newspapers, plus there are also free weekly papers that are generally distributed on a Thursday or Friday evening.

If you want to do a paper round job in the morning, then you'll have to get up early, as the morning papers are traditionally delivered before breakfast time. It may also be dark, cold, wet or icy depending on the time of year and weather and you'll still have to deliver the paper or face the sack if you can't be bothered.

Getting paper round jobs for 15 is fairly straightforward, just go into the newsagent and see if they want any papergirls or paperboys; they may even have an advert up already in their window.

Modelling jobs for 15 year olds

You'll find that modelling jobs for 15 year olds are only open to someone with a particular 'look'. But, that 'look' will very from agency to agency, so don't give up if you're not accepted (or promoted) by the first model agency that you are in contact with.

The best agencies don't have to advertise for models, as they either find their models directly or they are contacted by the models themselves. So if you want to approach model agencies yourself ask your friends or family for recommendations for some good model agencies and ask them if they've actually found any modelling jobs for 15 year olds.

Once you've found a good modelling agency, you'll need to meet them to see if you would be suitable for them. If they accept you, there may be a fee payable to the model agency to produce a photo portfolio, which they will then show to the agency's clients.

Take your parents along to meetings with the agencies and ask them if they've successfully secured modelling jobs for 15 year olds before. Your parents should check that any contracts meet their requirements.

Modelling jobs can prove extremely lucrative, especially if you become the 'face' of a big brand. The model agency will take a share of any fees you are paid.

Waitress jobs for 15 year olds

There may not be many waitress jobs for 15 year olds in your area, as employers typically prefer someone a bit older (16 is the norm). 15 year olds are limited in the number of hours that they can work in the UK, just 2 hours on a school day before 7pm, 8 hours on a Saturday and 2 hours on a Sunday.

This makes it rather complex for employers to hire you at the age of 15, as there are so many restrictions - it's normally easier for them to hire someone older. You can still try to find waitressing jobs for 15 year olds, but realise that it will be more difficult at the moment, until you're 16.

Your best opportunities may be in local coffee shops or cafes, because larger operators such as McDonalds don't offer jobs to under 16's.

Summer jobs for 15 year olds

You'll find loads of summer jobs for 15 year olds. We've already listed a fair number of the jobs you can do in the summer above under the online jobs section and also the Saturday jobs section (which included car washing, gardening, plus jobs for your parents).

An office job over the summer could give you valuable work experience and might even help you decide on what sort of career you want. It could be paid or unpaid, depending on what you can find.

Your school may be able to help you find some work experience over the summer, which would most likely be unpaid, but would still be great experience if it was with the right sort of organisation.

If you have a particular skill, then you might be able to utilise this in an office environment, such as good IT or graphic design skills. Look for smaller companies that may be lacking in skills.

If you fancy volunteering type summer jobs, there could be work for you with a charity or helping with summer camps or youth groups.

Other paying summer jobs include restaurant / hotel work, retail, pet sitting, dog walking, babysitting, modelling, cleaning or acting.

Other jobs for 15 year olds

For other jobs for a 15 year old, see our jobs for a 14 year old. In addition to the jobs listed above, you'll learn about jobs in retail, cleaning, hairdressing, volunteering, dog walking, after school, restaurant, Sunday and holiday jobs, and you can also learn about starting your own business.

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