Speculative Cover Letter Example

Below, in the speculative cover letter example you will see how to create an interview-grabbing letter for a speculative job application when you have identified an employer that you want to work for, but don't know whether they have any particular job vacancies that you would be suitable for.

This page focuses on the example itself, but if you want more detailed advice, then please see our article on how to write a speculative cover letter.

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How to Use the Speculative Cover Letter Example

You can use our speculative cover letter as your template for your own covering letter. You must completely customise your own letter so that it meets the needs of the employer that you are sending it to, which means that you need to carefully research the employer before writing your letter.

Below the speculative cover letter example, you will find some important notes that will help you to write your own letter. You might also want to have a look at our cover letter example for an advertised job vacancy and then compare both letters to see the differences and the similarities.

87 Sandbrook Drive,


M43 1XY.

Tel: (07700) 900999

Mrs C. Jacks,
3 January, 2023
HR Co-ordinator,

Petworth Foods Ltd,

287 Skipton Street,


M89 7XX.

Dear Mrs Jacks,

Re. Quality Assurance Jobs at Petworth Foods

I am seeking a role within your Quality Assurance Department and was wondering if Petworth Foods had any job vacancies for which I would be suitable.

Whilst communicating with one of your employees (Dave Bridges) on your Facebook page, he said that you were looking to grow your Quality Assurance team and suggested that I contact you directly.

From my attached CV, you will see that I am currently a Senior Quality Assurance Technician at Rapture Foods Ltd. I oversee the Quality Assurance Department at the company's Manchester production site, which includes overseeing 20 canning and bottling lines.

Dave Bridges said that you are seeking someone to manage all the Health and Safety documentation and liaise with the Health and Safety Executive.

I have had 5 years' experience in managing Health & Safety for Rapture Foods and have extensive experience in successfully co-ordinating with the Health and Safety Executive.

During these 5 years Rapture Foods has had zero accidents and I have also raised quality standards, whilst reducing production costs by £450,000.

I therefore feel that my Health & Safety expertise and ability to cut costs could be used to good affect at Petworth Foods Ltd. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown (Mrs).

Important Points to Note From the Speculative Cover Letter Example

When you read the above speculative cover letter example, you may have noted how Jackie has completely customised the letter for the particular employer that she was approaching. The better the fit, the more likely the employer is to want to interview you.

Make sure you do your own research about the employers you want to approach. Try and find out as much as you can, as this will allow you to create a more tailored letter.

In the speculative cover letter example above, Jackie had found out a lot of relevant information from the employer's own website and then contacting them through Facebook.

We always recommend you find out the name of the person to send your letter to. If you don't know how to address your letter, see our how to start a cover letter article.

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