What types of resume services are there to help you with your resume?

  • Resume typing services: these typically charge less than $100 and tend to employ word-processing and administrative staff who have little knowledge of recruitment. To make any money at all, each member of staff will need to type up several resumes every day - so they will spend very little time on your resume. These firms only attract junior staff, as they cannot afford to pay them very much.
  • Semipro resume services: these typically charge less than $150. They may employ staff with some knowledge of recruitment, possibly from either an HR or recruitment background. They will spend slightly longer on your resume and can afford slightly better staff than a resume typing service.
  • Professional resume services: these typically charge over $150. These services should employ staff with recruitment experience who should be members of a professional body). The better services also employ staff with specialist copy-writing experience - these staff are expensive to employ, but they can produce a far better resume than either the resume typing services or the semipro resume services.

Why should you choose a professional resume service, rather than a resume typing service or semipro resume service?

  • Your resume will be written by professionals who are experienced in writing interview-winning resumes. They know what employers and recruitment agencies are looking for and they have the copy-writing skills to make your resume stand out from the 100s of other people who have applied for the same job as you.
  • A professionally written resume will therefore dramatically improve your chances of being interviewed and cut the length of time you spend looking for a job. Semipro and resume typing services lack the recruitment and copy-writing experience and therefore can do little to improve your resume.
  • You may have certain problems that you need to overcome in preparing your resume, which require specialist advice. A professional resume service will have suitable experience in this area, whereas resume typing and semipro services may lack the expertise to advise you.
  • If you are unsure about what information to include on your resume, or if your resume lacks any real achievements, then you need a resume service that includes a telephone consultation. Professional resume services employ skilled interviewers who will be able to uncover your real skills, strengths and achievements (even if you do not think you have any).
  • Resume typing and semipro services often neglect to include a telephone consultation, and they may lack professional interviewing experience. They may, therefore, fail to uncover that vital piece of information that will get you that all-important job interview.
  • As well as helping you obtain an interview, a professionally written resume can continue to work in your favor at the interview itself by carefully focusing the interviewer's mind on your major strengths / achievements and it may therefore ultimately help you win the job you desire.
  • A professionally written resume should also boost your next salary because it clearly conveys the benefits of employing you, as it directly highlights your key strengths and achievements - so a professional resume could pay for itself.
  • Always remember your resume is your investment in your future - with it rests your hopes and dreams for the future. If your resume is not as good as it could be, then you may get few interviews or none at all. Can you really afford to trust a resume typing or semipro resume service when so much is at stake?
  • Spending money now on your resume may save you a lot of time, effort and unnecessary disappointment. You will probably spend many hours looking for a new job and sending off your resume. This time will have been wasted if all you get are rejection letters because your resume is letting you down.

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