Science Careers - UK

Below you will find our list of the websites that cover science careers in the UK. These sites offer a variety of free resources for people at all stages in their career.

If you are seeking a science career outside the UK, then please see the following web pages that focus on science careers in the US,
science careers in Canada and science careers in Australia.

Although some career sites tend to focus on students / graduates the information and advice that they give is just as relevant for someone who already has a job (whether your current job is science related or not).

Some jobs in science require that you have a particular science related qualifications - you can check out what is required for any particular job in science at the UK career websites that we have listed below (these sites are relevant for people of all ages looking for a science career).

When you apply for a science career, you will need to submit a CV; you can learn about CV writing or our CV writing service on our website.

UK science careers websites:

You might also want to take a look at the following:

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