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To be happy and successful in your working life, it's important that you ensure your abilities, values and personality are well matched to those needed for your chosen career. On top of that, they need to align with those of the organisation you're working for.

Lots of people are now turning to free online career tests in order to assess themselves. They are quick to complete and can help you discover your strengths, in terms of your skills, knowledge and personal qualities. They then offer you an individual analysis (usually computer generated) and some recommended career options.

Many of these free online career tests are boiled down versions of bigger tests with more extensive analyses. Often, the aim is to encourage you to spend money on the full versions. Be conscious of efforts to capture data - you will normally be asked for at least your name and email address, so look to see if there are chances to opt-out of receiving future marketing information.

Here are some points to remember. Tests are not necessarily accurate - if the answers feel right to you, then great, but if they don't, forget the test. Listen to your own feelings on this one. You'll get a better idea if you take several free online career tests, rather than just one or two. Tests will seem to categorise you in a clumsy fashion, especially the 'mini' tests that ask just a few questions.

Other issues are the limited interpretations that are on offer, the lack of information on whoever developed the test and their qualifications, and the validity of the test overall - there is no external standard for these assessments.

Bearing all this in mind, it is always best to try around six tests. Here is a brief guide to some of the best marketed sites offering free career tests. These represent a good cross-section of the free online career tests that are on offer.

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Similar Minds Free Online Career Tests

Answer 71 questions in approximately 20 minutes. View your sample report straightaway. See which job tasks you prefer and the top 11-20 jobs that suit you. Follow a link to more research material - this is where you are offered the chance to purchase a more detailed report.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz™

This is a shortened method of The Birkman Method®. After answering 24 questions, you receive a description of your interests, skills and preferred style - using the Birkman colour approach - plus a list of the careers this points to.

Prospects Planner Free Online Career Tests

This test helps you clarify your ideas. It is a shortened version of a longer test for University graduates. You'll need to register and then answer some questions about your skills and what you want from a job. The results show what you might do for a career. You don't have to explore all the options at once, as you can return and view the results again on your next visit.

MAPP™ Assessment - free online career assessment tests

This assessment (MAPP stands for Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) is designed to reveal your motivations, interests and talents for work.

You'll need to register with the site first. The free mini-analysis is a sample of the larger analysis you can purchase and includes five job matches with occupational documentation, a selection of real job matches and a free resource guide for career changers.

Note: many websites offering career tests are offering the MAPP assessment.

iVillage Free Online Career Tests

This website for women offers various tests, one of which is career related. Answer 30 questions by selecting one of two options. At the end, you'll receive a list of about 20 career options and a one page report on your personality and career type.

  • iVillage career aptitude tests for free online

Careerlink free career online placement tests

This site, run by Monterey Peninsula College, asks you to respond to a series of questions by picking one of two options. After working through four pages, you will receive a list of job categories along with percentage matches to your results. The CAREERLINK Inventory is designed to match the way you see yourself with available career information from the United States Department of Labor.

  • Free online career tests by Career Link.

Web Tickle free career online placement tests

This site offers "PhD certified" tests of various natures that offer thought-provoking test questions. The individual analyses encourage you to pursue your goals.

Tickle's Career Personality Test pinpoints your workplace strengths and directs you to a profession that best compliments your unique personality. It is similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument. You have to register as a member to take part.

  • Free Online Career Tests by Web Tickle's.

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